Sexual Violence on University Campuses

Campus Conversations:
In June 2017, I organized a conversation about campus violence at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I worked on the event with my colleague Margaret McKee (at Saint Mary’s) and Amanda Nelund and Joanne Minaker (at MacEwan University).

We invited researchers, community workers, activists, policy makers and students to engage in conversations about challenges facing Canadian universities in relation to sexual violence.


Using various methods of engagement and facilitating conversation, we covered topics such as bystander training and students experiences on Canadian campuses, consent, student activism, policy and alternative forms of “justice”, and the importance of having diverse voices and intersectional perspectives.

It was clear from our conversations that everyone wanted more connections between research and policy, education and prevention, and academic and community. We need to “complicate the conversation” and by building these connections, we will help challenge campus norms and transform campus culture.

Public Panel:
Our day of conversation ended with public panel (video footage below) on campus sexual violence that included diverse perspectives from a journalist, student, academic, activist, and university administration.

Prefer to read the text version? Click here: Public Panel Transcript