Research with Community Partners

Funded Projects:

Engaging (In)Justice Stories (2018-2019) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council with Be the Peace Institute and the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Restorative Conversations: Expanding the Dialogue (2018-2019) funded by the Department of Justice Canada with Be the Peace Institute, Bridges and the Metro Interagency Committee on Family Violence

Evaluation of the Circles of Support and Accountably (COSA) Program (2017-2021) CosA Canada

Home for Good: Advancing Women’s Housing Through System Change YWCA Halifax

Evaluation of the Partners in Healing Project John Howard Society of Moncton

Evaluation of the Restorative Options for Youth in Care (ROYC) Pilot Project Community Justice Society, Halifax

Nova Scotia Restorative Justice-Community University Research Alliance (2006-2011) Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program and Agencies

Human Security, Immigration, Citizenship and the Profile of Terror: Immigrant and Ethnic Minorities Presumed Guilty? Status of Women Canada, Policy Research Fund,