Restorative Justice

Funded Projects:

Restorative Justice Conversations ($75,000) Department of Justice (Canada) funded project related to the use of restorative justice in cases of gender-based violence

Publications and Reports:

Restorative Conversations: Talking about Restorative Approaches and Gender-Based Violence in Nova Scotia (with Sue Bookchin and Verona Singer) submitted to the Metro Interagency Committee on Family Violence (55 pp) (2019)

Crocker, Diane (2016) Balancing justice goals: Restorative justice practitioners’ views Contemporary Justice Review 19(4): 462-478 DOI: 10.1080/10282580.2016.1226815

Russell, Scott and Diane Crocker (2016) The Institutionalization of Restorative Justice in Schools: A Critical Sensemaking Account Restorative Justice: An International Journal 4(2):195-213. DOI: 10.1080/20504721.2016.1197524

Final Report: Church Council on Justice and Corrections Enhancing Empathy by Understanding Victim Impact Project (Phase II)  Public Safety Canada’s Effective Corrections Program, 2016

Crocker, Diane (2015) Implementing and Evaluating Restorative Justice Projects in Prison Criminal Justice Policy Review 26(1) 45-64.

 Crocker, Diane and Vicki Chartrand (2015) “Prisoner Subjectivity and Resistance Through Restorative Justice” in Experiencing Prison edited by Rose Ricciardelli and Katharina Maier, London:  Interdisciplinary Press.

Crocker, Diane (2013) The Effects of Regulated Discretion on Police Referrals to Restorative Justice Dalhousie Law Journal 36(2): 393-418.

Jennifer J. Llewellyn, Bruce P. Archibald, Donald Clairmont and Diane Crocker (2013) “Imagining Success for a Restorative Approach to Justice: Implications for Measurement and Evaluation” Dalhousie Law Journal 36(2): 282-316.

Restorative Conversations: Expanding the Dialogue Project— Report: Action Research Data Synthesis 26pp (co-authored with Sue Bookchin/Be the Peace Institute)

Grants and Contracts: 

Evaluation of the Circles of Support and Accountably (COSA) Program (2017-2021)
$267,400 (Research Contract, Principal Investigator)

Evaluation of the Restorative Options for Youth in Care Project Community Justice Society, Halifax, $6,000 (Principal Investigator)

Evaluation of the Partners in Healing Project John Howard Society of Moncton, $20,000 (Principal Investigator)

Beyond Theory: Restorative Justice in Practice SSHRC- Community University Research Alliance, $1,000,000 (Co-Applicant; Principal Investigator: J. Llewellyn)