Gender Based Violence

Publications and Reports:

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Grants and Contracts: 

Engaging (In)Justice Stories $24,682, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Connections Grant (Principal Investigator)

Voices of Women – Experiences of Justice Project (2018) $7,000 funded by CLARI (Change Lab Action Research Institute) with Be the Peace Institute (Research Partner)

Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative for Vulnerable Populations $2.1 million (Co-Applicant, Peter Jaffee and Myrna Dawson Co-Principal Investigators) SSHRC Partnership Grant

Evaluation of the Domestic Violence Court Pilot Project, Sydney Nova Scotia, Department of Justice, $50, 000 (Principal Investigator)

Canadian Observatory on the Justice System Response to Intimate Partner Violence SSHRC- Strategic Knowledge Cluster Program, $2, 500, 000  (Co-Applicant; Principal Investigator: C. Gill)

Victims’ Stories of Criminal Harassment, Department of Justice Canada, $25,000 (Principal Investigator)